Limited edition has traditionally meant that a
limited number of prints has been printed at
one time for the edition. For my
photographic based prints it means that I
have agreed to limit the printing of my giclee
prints to a maximum number for a specific
image. Any size printed for an image counts
against the maximum number. This is just
my guarantee that I want mass produce the
prints for a specific image. In my opinion,
all photographic prints are "originals" in that
they do not exist as a work for display until
printed; as opposed to taking a picture of
an original painting and then reproducing it
as prints. See about prints link for more
information. Printing history can be provided
for any image on request. A Certificate of
Authenticity is provided with each print that
covers the details.
The history of giclee printing is well
documented other places. Giclee prints
have been embraced by the art world
and are now found in the collections of
the most prestigious art museums in the
world. In my opinion, to say a print is a
giclee print implies a high degree of
quality. The printing is done on a
professional grade printer using archival
materials. Paper and Ink sets with a high
degree of quality and permanence are
used. The print should have a quality look
and feel compared to other print methods.
Most importunely, there should be a high
degree of artistic control in the printing
process which allows the creation of an
individualized work of art.
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